Dear sirs, 

 Harari Relief and Development Association (HARDA) is a non governmental and non political organization found by Harari nationals toward the end of 1992 with the purpose of alleviating some of relief and development problems. HARDA is very grateful for timely reponses to its calls in relation to relief and development activities in which the association is engaged with. HARDA is specially very grateful to EBG who donated Birr 2,620,000 and to all those who donated a sum of nearly Birr 1,000,000 on the occasion of fund rasing held at Addis Ababa Hilton in December 1996. Thanks to the contribution of its members and the donation of some organizations and individuals, since its inception, HARDA has raised more than five million Birr and underatken the relief and development activities indicated in the Table below. 
 HARDA has fully renovated Harar Teachers Training Institute and at present it is building a multipurpose hall and kitchen in the same compound. 
 Even though there are a number of socio-economic problems in Harar, the main reason for giving the first priority to improvement of basic education facilities is because in traditional schools (Qur’an geys) Harari Children sit on bare ground covered with mud and dust and the condition of the volunteer teacher (kebir) is not very different from that of the pupils. As it is indicated in the table, HARDA tried to change the situation by upgrading at least four of these Qur’an geys. There are at least another ten that need similar upgrading. The same applies to old Kindergartens and Medresas (primary school) in Harar. 
 Abdal Islamic Institute which comprises elementary school upto eighth grade; some production units (not functional) and a Mosque, is another issue. The school is the only community educational establishment where religious subjects can be thought side by side with secular subjects. Last year the school was financed by HARDA and had more than 600 students. 
 This year HARDA could not finance the school due to unavailability of financial resources because of which the number of students dropped to about 200. More than 400 went to missionary schools. To save the remaining 200 students from leaving the school, Birr 5,000 is required monthly only to cover the salary of Arabic language and religious subjects teachers. It is a pity that our society could not maintain even the only school that could enable it to grow the new generation with proper cultural, religious and historical background. 
 The other serious problem is that of Argoba people who are living around Harar wih good Harari language Knowledge. This year, these people are facing severe famine because of natural drought.  HARDA from its limited resource supplied them with 25 kg of maize to each family in the first round. Since the harvest season is far away by at least four months from now, these people will need food supply until then. 
 We hope that every Harari feels the severity of the situation and makes his contribution towards the alleviation of the existing problems around traditional schools (Qur’an geys), primary and elementary community schools in Harar and famine in Argoba villages. 
 We look forward to your prompt response for providing assistance at your earliest convenience. 


Description    Amount in Birr 
1. Abdal Muslim School (fencing, salary and funning costs) 108,172 
2. Sport material for Abdal    2,826 
3. Prize for completion of 12 grade with very good results 2,500 
4. Monthly subsidy to university students  2,340 
5. For 22 university student vacation job payment 4,400 
6. Blanket for university students       2,220 
7. Dire Tayara village school construction        54,426 
8. Galma shira village school reconstruction budget       37,947 
9. Assistance to women who lost their houses due to heavy rain         1,736
10. Toilet for Abadir Kindergarten        7,794
11. Water Reservoir for Abadir Kindergarten          4,877 
12. Contribution to waste water         7,820 
13. Kebir Usmel Traditional School upgrading        20,137
14. Kebir Umer Traditional School upgrading        27,405
15. Sherif Nur Traditional School upgrading       16,670 
16. Awzerbeita Traditional School upgrading         5,838 
17. Sheikh Abubaker Medresah renovation        37,460 
18. Bedroberi traditional School reconstruction       57,700 
19. Vocational training for 106 destitute women      60,000 
20. Replacement of water supply pipes in Harar                    353,028 
21. Village water supply project study    32,000 
22. 1996/97 and 1997/98 administ. & project implem.esxpenses 318,821 
23. Purchase of fixed assets 165,000 
24. 1998/99 recurrent budget  100,518 
25. Emmergency  relief aid 424,289 
Total 1,863,538
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